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How Our Diaper Delivery System Works

Our affordable full-featured diaper delivery scheduling solution allows the customers to choose the type of diapers from the mentioned list. After getting the request for the specific type of diaper, the in-built features identify the availability to the customers. After selecting them in the cart, the owner confirms the order delivery. The delivery squad delivers the ordered items to the customer’s doorsteps.

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Full-Featured Online Mobile App for Diaper Delivery

The in-built and advanced features of diaper delivery business help people in quick delivering of ordered products that are safe for sensitive skin on their mentioned addresses. Owners can customize the routes for the drivers. Our robust software is the best delivery software for small-scale store owners or the people having a chain of stores located at several locations.

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Business Dashboard

The dashboard of the software enables the service provider to handle, organize and manage the complete inventory, change the products according to the demand of the customers, add or remove the diaper sizes, categorize the types in a concise but effective way, offer complete information about the item, and provide real-time updates. The owners can bestow the services online by spending minimal.

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    User Management

    Allows them to view the profile of consumers and remove or add the customers, and to get a view of past and present orders.

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    Billing Management

    Enables the admin to review and manage packing details, billing-related tasks.

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    to check the full record of sold items, inventories, and list of revenue details of a day, week or month.

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    Order Management

    Owners have access to organize all the orders of every customer.

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Consumer Mobile Application

The unique features of our customer’s platform prove to be a lifesaver for the customers as by tapping a few clicks on the screen, they can order the products and select the delivery time. The in-built features enable consumers to use in-app payments for the ordered products. Some of the important features are-

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    After installation, consumers can log-in to the online solution by using Facebook or mobile number. This is the mandatory step.

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    Choose the Diapers from the List

    Allows customers to choose diapers according to the required size from the list.

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    Online Payment Options

    Allows them to pay for the selected items in the cart by using cash payments, card payments, or online gateways.

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    Referral Code

    They can share the services online with their friends by using the referral codes.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

An individual platform for the driver squad that helps them to take diaper orders to deliver to the mentioned address. The embedded features enable them to mark the status of the deliveries as- delivered with a single click. Getting information about all the payments is another feature that makes it a worth-to-use online system.

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    To get authentication, the drivers need to create a profile with the help of valid social media details or a smartphone number.

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    List of All Items

    Allows them to perceive the number of diaper orders that are going to deliver on the customer’s locations.

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    Online Payment Feature

    Enables them to know the payment related details. They can collect money from the customer in case of COD.

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    Chat Options

    It enables drivers to interact with customers by using messages or calling options.

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