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How Online Milk Delivery Management System Works?

Cutting-edge features of our business-friendly management software make local milk delivery business more powerful and increase the reach of the customers. Our system allows customers to choose the required milk quantity which is assigned to the delivery man for delivery purposes. This can be delivered by the delivery man. The solution allows customers to subscribe to the milk service by recharging the wallet in advance.

ravi garg, trakop, milk delivery, dairy management

Simple Yet Powerful Features of Each Panel of Milk Ordering Solution

Whether you are into a milk delivery business, or own a dairy or just started the milk delivery business- our subscription solution will empower your business in the best way.

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Business Dashboard

With the extended features, the owner can manage and track the whole working of the business through the dashboard.

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    Customer Management

    It helps the service providers to view the full profile of a customer (record of all subscribed and unsubscribed customers), view their previous and ongoing orders, check the communications, etc.

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    Route Management

    This delivery management system enables admins to manage the routes for the drivers and highlight the specifications.

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    Analytical Reports

    Access to have a full record of sales and earning details of a day, week or month.

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    Order Management

    Owners can easily organize the orders of every individual day.

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Consumer Mobile Application

A unique platform for your customers that includes cutting-edge features through which they can easily order the required quantity of milk.

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    After registering online through valid proof, customers can easily make a profile to get online milk delivery services. Adding location is another option to be included in the profile.

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    Choose the Quantity of Milk

    The feature allows customers to choose the quantity of the milk.

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    Resume and Stop the Online Milk Delivery Service

    It allows them to stop or resume the delivery of the product.

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    Multiple Online Payment Options

    An individual can pay for the subscribed services through online payment mode or in cash.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

The pivotal features of our comprehensive platform enable drivers to get the list of all deliveries and update the status of the delivered milk products.

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    Drivers can easily fill their details into the profile.

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    A Complete List of All Deliveries

    This option allows the drivers to get the full list of all the deliveries that are going to be delivered in a day that includes the address of the customers and quantity of the milk.

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    Receiving A Container or Not

    This feature allows drivers to mark an option about receiving a milk container.

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